The famous seven seconds – Chap. 5, Act 1, Strip 26

Inevitably, and as the Professor correctly predicted, our heroes end up arriving 007 seconds too late to stop Dr. Dutchman Fu from embarking on his trip through time.

While Dr. Fu blames his weak bladder (“Zwakke Blas” should mean weak bladder in Dutch, according to auto-translate. I apologize if it actually means something else, like “cowardly balloon” or something. ^_^; ), he is really also only a victim of circumstances. If our friends hadn’t wasted so much time at the beginning, circumstances would not have had to conspire to delay Dr. Dutchman Fu in order to still enable the photo-finish. Circumstances like to conspire via bladder pressure, it’s so easy to control the amout of delay by volume, if you know the flow rate.

Naturally, the Professors made a bet regarding the outcome. It’s nice to have a theory on something, and evidence to back it up – but how would people believe you really mean it if you aren’t putting your money where your mouth is? The bet was for fifty bucks and two assistants, present company excluded.

More on Monday.

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