Fog of War – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 17

Despite their reinforcements still being held up in the overcrowded stairways, our heroes heroically opt for a full-pressure, all-around offensive. Not that they would have had much of a choice there, with Biff “Leroy Jenkins” Boffenheimer in the lead.

But things appear to go well, as far as can’t be seen. They’ve already freed Snuka from his predicament (chances were 50/50 they’d forget to do that), and it’s entirely possible that they’re inflicting casualities on a potentially present enemy. Perhaps. *squints* It’s really damn hard to tell.

The ninja, meanwhile, are also on the offensive. Or on the retreat. Or no longer there. The tactical situation is a biiiiit unclear, you could say. But, at the very least, Biff isn’t going to shoot at stuff anytime soon, even if he doesn’t see…or know…or even care what he’s shooting at. That’s got to result in a tactical advantage, sooner or later!

So I remain guardedly optimistic that things are turning out well, while always-cautious Mopey tries to keep her dignity covered in case they aren’t.

Tune in Thursday to see the outcome of this hard-fought battle! Assuming that one is going on, of course.

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