Transparent hiding place – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 16

Naturally, the ones responsible for the explosion of the door were Biff, Mopey, Gregory and the Professor, coming to Snuka’s rescue.

They might always immediately notice his absence whenever he gets kidnapped, but once they do, they never waste any time mounting a rescue attempt.

And, since this is their home turf, they brought plenty of reinforcements. The script left it open which particular special forces or elite unit they would bring for back-up, so producer Nolan Nobucks felt that all at once would be the best choice. After all, these reinforcements would have to stay offscreen in any case, due to budget constraints – so, if it costs the same (at $ 0.00), why not come up with a combination unit?

Not only will it create a more impressive picture in the minds of the viewers (where it will stay), it also supplies a plausible explanation why they didn’t make it into frame in time: with so many army guys trying to storm the 40th floor all at the same time, it’s easy to imagine that they just completely clogged the stairway. (The US Navy seals are probably particularly bad with stairs, I’d imagine, due to their pinniped bodies.)

The picture in the last panel actually depicts a property development in Cebu, and I’m reasonably sure that it won’t actually include any three-quarters-transparent buildings. It’s probably just intended to illustrate a first and second stage of development…but, when I stumbled across it, I immediately thought “Hey, a secret Ninja building!”. And now it is.

And, yeah, even highly-trained Ninja make mistakes (just think of Kushina Uzumakis decision to have children), although Mopey is technically wrong to call it the oldest mistake of all. In fact, the oldest mistake concerning secret hideouts is selecting a cave that contains a hibernating cave bear. There is archeological evidence for this.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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