Revelationus interruptus – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 15

Backing up Snuka’s original memories is just standard procedure, an overabundance of caution, if you so will. There is no particular reason to suspect that those back-ups will ever be mentioned again of have any bearing whatsoever on the plot. Movies regularly dedicate screen time to depicting such trivial, standard security procedures, just for the sake of realism, without particular connection to the plot. *cough* >_> <_< Right. That aside, the rest of the strip covers the essentials: Since the question of Snuka's true parentage has just been built up, of course the whole event would have to been disrupted at the precise moment the secret was just about to be revealed.

The slight deviation in the precision of the moment is entirely owed to George Geekish’s habit of timing his pyrotechnics with cheap, Malawi-made egg-timers from a clearance sale at the half-dollar store. Fortunately, the actors had been told that could happen, and that they should deliver their full lines no matter what…at worst, as happened, they would come off as having slightly worse refelexes than all of their shinobi training should normally have given them.

Also known as the “Admiral Ackbar” effect.

More on Thursday!

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