For old time’s sake – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 1

Welcome to the second act of the fourth chapter: Uranus – exposed!

Putting levers, connected to the spacecraft control module, onto all of the inclined surfaces in Dr. Kobras’ control room was a poor choice, it turns out – he simply needs to lean somewhere, every now and then (it’s called villainous slouching). But the Feng-Shui expert said it was crucial for…uh…the flow…of energy…and, like, harmony. And stuff. You know. (*gestures vaguely with hand*)

Fortunately, up to now the collateral damage remains restricted to people who definitely deserve it. And on top of that, they’re also really, really used to it, so that’s two good reasons not to fuss about it too much. And for a third reason, they really seem to attract that sort of incident, so there is a more-than-trivial chance they’d have collided with Busty’s spacecraft even if it had been flying straight.

“Madmen of Planet Earth” is the name of the book Emperor Akuns wrote about his experiences after returning to his home planet (after miraculously surviving the explosion of his spacecraft at the end of the second chapter). It was a bestseller, the proceeds of which went a long way toward putting Akuns back on his feet financially – after all, his space travel bill was astronomical. The novel was then successfully adapted into a B-movie, and the B-movie was then adapted into a webcomic on Akuns’ homeworld – and so the cycle is complete! Hopefully, Akuns got enough for the movie rights to cover his newest spaceship loss, but I’m optimistic in that regard – it’s the first spacecraft he has lost in several months, so he should be OK.

More on Monday.

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