Get ouf of my (Heming)way! – Chapter 1, Strip 51

Trailing your prey is easier if your prey is trailing something behind it. So easy, in fact, that Biff might be up to it.

Uhm, I hope you are enjoying the B-movie Comic’s first ever episode with a five paneled layout. But not too much, on the other hand, since it will likely remain the last such for a while. The original version consisted of only the four last panels, since I assumed it would be readily understandably that way. I mean, we had the sandstorm, and then Rutentuten raising his army (pun intended) and then Sir Winston in his plane, so if I suddenly show Biff standing around in the desert with a piece of bandage in his hand, it’s pretty obvious that our heroes in the meantime had continued their trip through the desert toward some unknown location, until they suddenly came upon a loose bandage running off towards the horizon, and Biff just stopped the car and picked it up. Totally obvious, right? Right?
Well, my small, but discerning, test audience didn’t get it either, so I rearranged everything and squeezed in an establishing shot, of sorts, up front.

Yep, I do test screenings. In order to provide to you the best entertainment possible within my limited capabilities, I have every single strip read and re-read by a group of carefully selected persons, and afterwards discussed at length. OK, in reality it’s a group of one carefully selected person. One, carefully selected out of one available. Hey, I’m on a budget here, ok?

Anyway, I really like the joke in this one. It could have been so perfect, if Hemingway just had called his book ‘A Farewell to one Arm’. OK, so that would have ruined his whole epic story about war, love and a disillusioned idealist, big deal, it would have made my pun marginally less lame.

And I couldn’t just let Rutentuten loose both arms. Egypt and my state* recently signed an agreement on measures designed to limit the abuse of imagery of undead royalty from either party in entertainment media produced by citizens of the respectively other party, according to which a mummy might only loose a single major extremity in any single act of violence. That, and how should two arms be connected to a single bandage?

*Looking cute with tousled hair in the morning.

If you liked the last vote incentive, one in a similiar vein goes up today. If you didn’t like it, please just close your eyes and vote for me anyway. In next Monday’s strip, things get blown up! Yay!

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