Wrong Designation – Chapter 1, Strip 52

He might have to fall back on the big guns, but when Biff is on a mission, he will let nothing stand in his way. Or at least not stand in his way fully clothed.

B-movie rule 414:
If any of the heroes is member of the armed forces, has been member of the armed forces, is related to a member of the armed forces, dates a member of the armed forces or at least once met a member of the armed forces, he/she gains the ability to call up any kind of military support at will, even if this makes it necessary to assume that large numbers of fighter-bombers, tanks and helicopters, fully equipped and loaded with ordinance, constantly patrol every place on earth, waiting on orders given by anybody over open frequencies.
Sub-rule a:
Military support called up under provision of Rule 414 always completely fails to accomplish anything.
Sub-rule b:
Rule 414 does not apply to John Rambo.
(In contrast to this common depiction in movies, veterans claim there are four types of fire support: ‘wrong place’, ‘wrong time’, ‘wrong kind’ and ‘not available’)

Some people claim laser designation is a fool-proof way to precisely guide ordinance onto a specific target. Those people seriously underestimate fools.

Panel three demonstrates another mechanism of b-movie making: When no plane of the type required by script or circumstances is available, it can simply be substituted with another plane from the same period. ‘The age of powered flight’ (1903-present) is considered one period in this regard.

Snuka’s remark in panel one, in case you are wondering, relates to this strip:–>bmov042.jpg

Disclaimer: Aerial bombardment is a very unromantic way to remove somebody’s pants.

If you want to practise you aim (in order not to embarass yourself like Biff), feel free to try and hit my vote buttons. Thursday will see another, more subtle, attempt on that slab.

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