Get Thee to a Ninjery! – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 4

Professor Dr. ad-libs slightly different techno-babble than his friend Time-On, but it doesn’t really matter. Just goes to show that nobody took the time to write down…uh, I mean, just goes to show that the time machine’s computer system is very sophisticated and allows for several different ways to arrive at a desired result. *cough* Right.

Speaking of the result and its desirability, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The Professor isn’t terribly thrilled with his outfit as an itinerant Bhuddist monk, but he’ll be able to work with it – and it probably fits him better, in context, than he himself would care to admit.

Snuka is not quite happy with his outfit, mostly because it seems to entail, in his mind, a certain note of criticism for his criminal inclinations (the Professor must have included that in Snuka’s profile) – but I’m quite sure he’ll grow to appreciate the functional aspects of the outfit, which was designed exactly for the kind of shenanigans he can’t really deny regularly engaging in. As for the color, that’s the color female ninjas tend to wear. At least I’ve seen that on pictures from the Ninja Festival in Iga, and I’ll just treat them as supremely authoritative.

Gregory, meanwhile, is absolutely delighted with his samurai outfit – it comes with a large breastplate covering and stabilizing exactly that part of his body that he was missing the most. It’s like it was made for him – he finally feels like a whole man again. Or at least, looks whole from the outside.

More on Monday.

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