Try to rice above it – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 3

Come on, Snuka – you weren’t in ‘Nam. You don’t get to complain about the many rice fields you had to creep through unless Charlie was shooting at you. Although you still might have a claim against the maker of that suit, or you would have if you had paid for it.

Aside from that, a very informative report. The Professor will certainly be able to decipher the date. It’s using the Japanese system of “era names” which corresponded with an Emperor’s rule. It’s the third year of the Genki era, and that means…well, it’s probably got something to do with that guy from “Monster Rancher”. But if it’s really the third year of his rule, I bet the country was in a pretty poor state at that point. ._.

There’s a slight mistake in the sound FX for this scene – the “whack! whack!” should have been replaced with “splosh! splosh!”. It’s a rice field, after all. ._.

More on Thursday.

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