Get Well Soon! – Chapter 7, Prologue 43

Well, I could well begin this comment with “Well, well, well, what have we here?”, but since Sir Gianfor already said something along those lines, I can contain myself, if barely.

But, really, what have we here? It seems that there is more to Ad’nanapart than meets the eye (X-Ray vision enabled eyes excluded)…and that’s not a bad thing, since what meets the eye isn’t all that impressive, as we have already established. But could it be that the more interesting parts of the city are unknown to most, because they’re so underground? Could Ad’nanapart be a Hipster legendary city, after all, as the fashionably dilapidated state of its outer defenses might already have hinted at?

Well, let’s hope not*. Let’s hope it’s just what Sir Gianfor immediately suspects: that it’s just a case of a standard-grid dungeon being placed underneath an otherwise underwhelming city for sheer lack of a better spot to place it underneath of anywhere in the vicinity. If you have many dungeons to place, and not a whole lot of cities to go around, even a small settlement like Ad’nanapart might get lucky in that regard.

We shall soon have the answer, in any case – once they’ve entered the dungeon, it’ll soon be clear whether it’s full of monsters, or, worse, hipsters. In the later case, our heroes can always flee in terror, and in the other case…well, the same, if the monsters are bad enough, but alternatively also stand and fight.

Let’s see on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* We could also wish for that, of course, but I don’t think it’s a wishing well.

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