Gizah in Natal – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 23

There was just no way to bury such a large number of bodies in some truly inconspicuous way, so the team went for the next best thing: an outrageously conspicuous way. Something so obviously out of place, anybody who sees it would rather lament their failing eyesight or deteriorating mental health than accept that what they’re seeing is actually true. It might seem hard to pull off, but it actually worked like a charm! Or have you ever heard anything about a giant Egyptian pyramid in South Africa? No? See, that proves that nobody has noticed it yet!

Most of the work was done by Biff, obviously, so it’s pretty impressive that he’s still got enough endurance left to try and run back to thes station – especially at the speed he needs to make his feet turn into this kind of circular blur. And he knows that that is absolutely required and obligatory – and after all, he is an expert on Saturday morning cartoons.

But he isn’t the only deserving of our sympathy, of course … Mopey is struggling very, very hard not to laugh out loud, which would be absolutely poisonous to her good standing as a goth.

More on Monday.

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