Practical and portable – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 24

Couldn’t really wrap uo the chapter without at least a single one of my trademark random cameos. But this time it’s blocking the path of the villain, not the heroes, so that’s highly original! Well, for somewhat limited values of “high”, that is. More of a mid-range high, or perhaps only just a high-end of the lower range midband high. *vague hand gesture*

Will Dr. Dutchman Fu be able to deal with this unexpected obstacle? Of course he will. He has just finally found a solution to his bladder problems, now he won’t let a single guard stand in his way, no matter how fierce and competent he looks. He wouldn’t consider that guard to be nearly as tough as a bladder problem, despite bearing something of a superficial similarity to one.

And obviously it’s rather irresponsible to introduce a chemical toilet to the world of 1899, but I guess being an evil mastermind requires at least a modest level of irresponsibility, so the Dutch Dr. forges valiantly ahead, followed closely by his trusty facilities. The consequences of such a contamination on the timeline are hard to predict, but from the top of my head, I couldn’t say how the premature discovery of portable toilets would alter the outcome of either world war, so it’s probably going to be okay.

More on Thursday.

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