Glucklicherweisen sie alle sprechen deutsch – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 79

Naturallly, a self-destruction mechanism designed by the Kaiser’s engineers would announce its operation and do its countdown in German. And with a harsh, Prussian accent (not depicted), too.

Fortunately, with all of our heroes speak German. Including the Professor, who actually does. Mopey almost actually does, too. She’s very interested in languages, her great ambition is to be able to read all the world’s depressing poetry in its respective original language. German might be a hard language to learn for a non-native, but there’s a real treasure trove of horribly depressing poetry waiting for you!

For the Professor, knowing all languages is just part of being a B-movie scientist, just like mastering every single scientific field at once. On top of that, he spend two years working as a bouncer in Cologne-Nippes.

The other members of the time dispose of slightly less flawless skills in the language, as you might have noticed. Mr. Churchill is slightly impeded by his usual obsessive worrying about some straits or others, while Biff is…well, Biff.

Of course, figuring out what’s going on is only half the battle, now they’ll have to find a way to do something about the self-destruct mechanism. Fortunately, 10 minutes is an unusually generous time frame for that, by B-movie standards. And of course it’s already obvious that they will succeed – for one thing, because they always do, and for the other thing, because the history books know nothing about a complete destruction of the African continent in 1899.

More on Thursday.

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