The Jazz Singer – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 80

Alright, Biff has arrived on the same page as the others, as far as the self-destruct countdown is concerned. I don’t know who translated the anouncement for him – likely one of the Franco-German Imperial woodsmen. Must have been an interesting conversation, given Biff’s original misconception, but likely not worth its own strip.

While this strip is worthwhile, I feel, if for nothing else than that it illuminates one of the subtle ways in which Biff is important for the team, in spite of all his flaws. Because, you see, the Professor and Mopey have that issue that sometimes, they just tend to overthink things, which can lead to paralysing indeciseveness.

Biff counters that tendency with his determined underthinking of things…if you even want to refer to it “thinking” at all. This is often a great help in clarifying matters for the Professor and Mopey. As demonstrated here, Biff’s opinion often provides a useful fixed point in the discussion of right and wrong – because it’s unsually something that’s indisputably wrong under any possible way of looking at the situation. ._. Once the Professor and Mopey can agree on that (which is generally instanteneously), they can start working toward a solution from that.

But really, they shouldn’t have worried that much to begin with. After all, they could have simply stopped the self-destruct mechanism to serve their own lives (which is perfectly uncontroversial in motivation) and said they didn’t care about Africa at all…no, wait, that wouldn’t have been that great, either… >_>

More on Thurs…uh, sorry, Monday.

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