Gomen, Gnomes! – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 5

I concur with Si’ri, here – much thanks for the anonymous sea-dog for asking exactly the right questions to help us get along with plot-relevant exposition. Or rather, ask questions so vague they can be flexibly claimed to be exactly the right ones.

Perhaps he only wanted to ask Si’ri what she had for lunch, but what he gets by way of an answer allows her to provide a convenient recap of everything that happened since we lost track of K’ip in the ruins of Ad’nanapart. And at first, not too much happened, or rather, what happened was too much for K’ip – yet. As important dungeons are wont to do, the one below Ad’nanapart was a good deal more challenging than what K’ip was used to, up to that point, so he had to retrace his pawprints and get a bit of extra level grinding in first.

Thankfully, Si’ri skips over the actual grinding, which was ultimately boring…and, not to mention, morally quite dubious. I trust that Si’ri and K’ip made sure that the gnomes inhabiting those villages were evil to a sufficient degree…but I’m not sure whether K’ip only killed the gnomen, or the gnowomen and gnochildren, as well. >_> He has to watch out, there…such things can easily lead to hooking up with an older girl he’s loved since childhood, and then turning near-irredeemably evil over complications with her pregnancy. Foooortunately, K’ip hasn’t really met any romantic interest yet, and his feline nature makes it questionable whether he’d even stick around after impregnating someone, so it’s likely all okay. *thumbs up* (And it really was a lot of exp in a single place…)

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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