Great Wall Of Onsen – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 64

Well, looks like the new year is off to a decent start!

At least for Gregory, that is. And restricted to the meaning of “decent” as in “decent clothing”. I’m not going to comment on how the year has started for people other than Gregory and/or in other regards because I don’t feel it would help anything to spread that kind of negativity around… >_>

Anyway, Gregory is kind of happy with the length of the spare yukata (if less taken with the design), receives some extra happiness by osmosis from an unusually cheery Snuka and will probably also feel happy about the extra precautions that have been put in effect to safeguard his (and the other males’) modesty. They are quite impressive, indeed, at first glance.

Of course, their effect is indeed mostly psychological. Fixed, linear defenses of this sort are, after all, pretty much useless if they aren’t adequately manned – history has proven that countless times. Or if the soldiers manning those defenses are lax about keeping look-out. And of course that’s not at all the case here – when it comes to safeguarding privacy, large numbers of people on constant look-out would be highly counterproductive. So the wall is unmanned, and thus largely decorative. But, it does look cool and should provide, if nothing else, more than adequate protection against splashing. >_>

More on Thursday.

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