Grooaann… Chapter 7, Prologue 40

Well, so it sometimes goes…just when people were kinda getting used to Si’ri, and perhaps even started thinking she wasn’t actually quite as annoying as her reputation…she had to go and discover her love of punning. ._. Now she’s even more annoying than she was ever reputed to be. When it rains, it pours, I guess. Webcomics usually don’t have soundtracks, but if this one had, I’d have exchanged the laugh track with a groan track for today’s punchline…and that’s saying something, after all I’m the one who came up with it…

uh, anyway…So today we’ve got the other type of random* encounter – the NPC encounter. NPCs aren’t monsters, unless they are, so these encounters tend to be slightly less violent than the other type – assuming the NPC makes sure that the adventurers encountering them are made aware of their non-monster nature in due time. Since K’ip has gotten a bit trigger-happy, off lately, Sir Gianfor’s revelation of his benign nature came just in the nick of time…a few moments later would have cost him a few hitpoints. But since he revealed himself in time, the only one to take damage was K’ip…who lost a hitpoint due to being struck by Si’ri’s pun…

And, no, a plainswalker is not the local equivalent to the urban streetwalker…it’s just a monster whose legs were to weak to qualify as a mountainwalker.

Will Sir Gianfor prove to be any sort of help to our heroes… sorry, our hero and his companion fairy…on their quest? Find out on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* or is it? O_O

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