Hair in Funny Places – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 126

Naturally, you can’t coast by on beating up generic monsters exclusively – at least at the very end, there need’s to be a sub-boss or something: a more charismatic and recognizable monster that played a decisive role before. To signify the levelling up that’s been going on, and just for generally setting the moment apart.

In this case, there wasn’t much doubt which monster that one would have to be: the shark-breathing Mecha-Godzilla which had so clearly and humiliatingly defeated our heroes before. So that’s, basically, this episode. >_> <_< >_> <_<

okay, so if you look closely, you might notice that the Mecha-Godzilla looks a bit different than it looked the last time. >_> <_< That’s not a problem with continuity, though! Nor is it, perish the thought, a desperate effort by Nolan Nobucks to bring down costs by splicing in left-over footage from some cheap King-Kong knock-off he’s produced a while back. >_>
No, this is an elaborate and well-thought-out attempt at making the movie speak clearer and more relevantly to teenage audiences by having the Mecha-Godzilla undergo puberty…which also makes its death more poignant and meaningful. Especially if you bring in the element of “beauty killed the beast”, because dealing with romantic attraction is such a central and difficult part of puberty.
Covering the Mecha-Gozilla in fur was just the most obvious way to visually signify puberty, that’s really the only reason for the change in the mecha’s appearance.

And, uh…Mopey’s using a rotor instead of wings, and an MG instead of a bow because…uh…because…well, she’s probably also undergoing puberty. Yeah, we’ll go with that, I don’t have all day to spend up coming up with lame excuses for Nolan’s cheapskate ways, after all.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Hair in Funny Places – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 126”

  1. I feel like either Latho was paid a LOT to actually say his lines instead eyeing the 4th wall and complaining again; or is very thoroughly drugged (thus the behind-the-back shot to hide his eyes/face).

    1. Well, Latho has its back to the audience – so it’s a safe assumption it’s actually not Latho, but a stand-in, and that the whole scene was shot by the second crew. Which, knowing Nolan, is probably a single guy, or two at max. XD

      But, yeah, if it had been Latho, there would have been side-eyeing, at the very least. XD

  2. Mopey is undergoing puberty. You mean second time?

    I thought the first time was when she stopped covering her eyes with her hairs.

    1. “I don’t think he knows about second puberty, Pip!” XD

      You’re right about the hairdo thing – but goths are known to undergo a second puberty later in life, since puberty is to goths what breakfast is to hobbits? Well, I admitted that it was a half-assed explanation to begin with. XD

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