Halloween Special 2019



H A P P Y _ H A L L O W E E N _ E V E R Y O N E!


I admit that I almost forgot to do a Halloween Special this year…and fitting it into the schedule retroactively caused a few issues. But still! It had to be done – as I’ve said before, Halloween is the most B-movieish holiday. People watch B-movies for that holiday, B-movies are set on that holiday, and people dress up for that holiday like they were in a B-movie. So the B-movie Comic has to observe it…religiously, you might say.

As for this year’s iteration, I decided to keep with the theme from last year, with an alternate version of the team as young trick-or-treaters. It actually fits in pretty well at this point of the story – since the Elder was in the process of telling horror stories about the deep, dark woods anyway, he could readily segue into a hair-raising Halloween tale. Naturally, this means that the story ends on a more somber note than last year…
But, hey, after all they aren’t confirmed dead! Just, like, missing in action…for three centuries…

And the Elder is on to something, there – child protective services tend to be a weak spot in fantasy worlds. Western RPGs tend to let children roam monster-infested dungeons at will, while Japanese RPGs go a step further and have local authorities willingly send out lightly equipped preteens to tackle dragon-supported demonic hosts. By comparison, letting a group of kids go trick-and-treating into the depths of an untamed wilderness, and then not checking on them for 300 years, still seems relatively mild, if not overly competent.

So, anyway – have a great Halloween, and be safe out there. If you’re going trick-or-treating, stay away from the giant-spider-infested areas in the heart of the woods, or at least leave some notice that you want to have somebody looking for you within 300 years.

Back to the story on Thurs…uh, Monday.


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  1. In fairness, that’d probably require them to stay awake for more than 4 hours to perform that search.

    1. Yeah, that’s true – a large group of felines on a search mission in a forest would basically break new ground in the art of inefficiency. They’d find tons of interesting stuff – but nothing even close to what they had been looking for, and the number of missing persons would increase instead of decrease.

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