Halloween Special 2020

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

This year even I’ve had difficulties getting into the right mood for this holiday and its associated special strip on BMC. But skipping wasn’t really an option – Halloween is and remains the quintessential B-movie holiday, so observing or acknowledging it with a special strip is practically mandatory.

Without truly convincing inspiration, I’ve settled for a simple ‘boo’-scare and a cliché Twilight-Zone-style twist for the final panel. It’s perhaps a bit bare-bones, but falling back on the time-honored defaults is at least suitably B-movieish, isn’t it?

As far as canonicity is concerned, you can freely decide for yourself if this is what Mopey really, secretly looks like or not. =P

Have a safe holiday and try to keep the spirits up – your own, or any free-roaming spirits you might encounter, or who might encounter you.

More on Monday.

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