Recoiled in Disgust – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 36

Today is a happy day for Gregory, since he gets to employ his howitzer after all. Defeating a door doesn’t count for quite as much as defeating a powerful monster (in both experience points as well as public perception), but it’s still loads better than pulling a howitzer out of a hat for nothing. Because howitzers ARE harder than rabbits, even if it’s the ultimate goal of a magician to make everything look easy.

And not only does Gregory succeed in breaking through the door, in the process he discovers a convenient shortcut across the whole level! Well, ‘discover’ is perhaps the wrong word, because the shortcut wasn’t actually there before…but, still, very convenient. Every labyrinthine maze should have this feature, according to the majority of adventurers. Unfortunately, the majority of DMs disagree.

The howitzer, sadly, is a complete loss, but it’s not impossible that it took out a couple of the besiegers on its way down. Which would partially make up for the fact that the defenses of the fortress are likely somewhat compromised by those large new holes in its walls. Fortunately, they’re not on ground level.

In conclusion, let’s look at the moral of today’s episode. Today’s lesson in “artillery for beginners” is pretty simple and obvious: Use the f##king spikes when firing a howitzer.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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