Hardcover Edition – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 28

In reaction to Snuka ascending to his next-higher form, the sloth-monsters do something very similar – they meld together to form a MEGASLOTH. Which, given that they’re clones from different timelines, creates one massive time paradox. >_> But it also creates one massive MEGASLOTH, and that’s probably more than enough to make the gambit worthwhile. Given how hard sloth is to overcome for everyone of us, imagine how hard it’s going to be for Snuka to overcome a MEGASLOTH…since he’s not even that successful going up against his personal sloth at times. >_>

His observation is correct, though: seeing massive amounts of sloth on the grounds of a high school is not as rare as seeing it elsewhere, at least if you include all possible definitions of sloth. If you restrict yourself this massive amount of literal sloth, I’d say it’s likely pretty rare anywhere.

Judging from the final panel, Snuka seems to want to try and overcome his sloth the classic way: with reference to a self-help book. Assuming that the Necronomicon can be considered a self-help book. But I guess it can: God helps those that help themselves, after all…so calling for the help of the Elder Gods could count as self-help, and the same would then go for the Great Old Ones.
And, let’s face it, no way would Snuka forego employing the powers of the Necronomicon, now that he’s got access to it ex officio. He’s been itching to get his hands on a copy ever since he first heard of it…it just always seemed such a natural fit for him, to him. ._.

More on Thursday.

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  1. Although, for this one, perhaps his cousin–Abdul al Hazmat–might be a better choice…

    1. Fun fact: “Alhazred” was actually tongue-in-cheekily derived from “has read all” – an allusion to Lovecraft’s voracious reading as a child. The name doesn’t really make sense in Arabic, tough, since “Abdul” would need to be followed by a proper name, but “al” is a prefix indicating a location name…

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