Heil dir im Siegerkranz… – Kap. 5, Akt 4, Sequenz 63

I think there are three main lessons two draw from this stunning (Stunning, I tell you!) turn of events:

1. A well-made latex mask can not only disguise the wearer’s appearance completely, it can also cover up a strong German accent. Which is quite an achievement, since practically nothing else can do that.

2. Subtle foreshadowing is a form of art that, practiced at a sufficiently high level, becomes completely useless. Also: watch out for the Hun from the sun, and from the Pickelhaube in the shadows.

3. Behind every evil Dutchman, there’s an even more evil German.

And, yeah, the Professor lost his temper there, for a moment. Normally, he’d never openly call Professor Chronometricos’ theories “bullshit”, no matter how much he’s always felt that they are. Good thing that it wasn’t the real Professor Chronometricos, this way that little slip-up won’t ruin an old friendship. I mean, good thing in that one regard…not so good a thing in that regard where he’s now faced with Emperor Vil…William pointing a gun at him.

More on Monday.

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