Hessians Beware! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 112

Normally I’d be tempted to say something along the lines of “Sorry, Snuka, but honoring the historical precedent is more important than those practical considerations.” But of course I really can’t say that. I can’t start apologizing to Snuka – after all, once I started doing that, there simply wouldn’t be any end to it. Which would make it particularly inappropriate to start with it here, where Snuka’s quandary isn’t even as painful, humiliating or otherwise unbearable as many others he’s been subjected to, and will surely get subjected to in future. So, with only a slight tinge of regret, I’ll say “Suck it up, Snuka.” instead.

And then, as far as historical precedent goes…3/1 does seem like a lopsided relationship between people providing oversight and people doing actual work – but it’s not really unheard of, and actually still far from the worst proportion recorded for that kind of thing. Admittedly, it’s worse than it was during the historical crossing of the Delaware by Washington, and also still worse than the proportion depicted in the famous painting. But I didn’t want to needlessly add face- and nameless extras to that final panel – especially since that would have meant more work for me and more virtual expenditure for Nolan Nobucks, two things I strive to avoid (directly resp. by proxy).

I guess the main takeaways are: Gregory is still being inspiring and the whole project makes gradual progress along historical lines. A long way still lies ahead, but don’t worry – I’ll not depict that in detail, this first victory over a monster was only depicted fully to indicate a General Patton. Uh, a general pattern, I meant. Theoretically I could have substituted General Patton for General Washington as a historical analog, but I’ve lost the tie-in to the Independence Day movies that way.

More on Thursday.

5 Replies to “Hessians Beware! – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 112”

  1. Additionally, Washington crossed the Delaware in the dark of night huddled beneath a blanket to fight off the cold. Still, even fiction can inspire courage when it needs to. ;o)

    1. Considering they are going in circles, Snuka is functionally rowing with one hand.

      1. Well, it goes without saying that Snuka has sexual frustration going on, on top of all of the other frustrations of his life – there is a type of scoundrel that’s romantically attractive, but he’s the other kind of scoundrel. XD

    2. Yeah, accuracy tends to lose out when it gets to that sort of painting – even if the artists had known that Washington was huddled under a blanket, he would probably have felt that it would have sent the wrong message to depict him that way. Visual communication, and all that. XD

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