Hidden in the credits – Chap.3, Act 4, Strip 83

The middle of the credits is the perfect point to deal with the final bits and pieces…those little vignettes that establish that the happy end is really happy, that everything has returned to its proper place and pace, that the status quo has been re-established. The end of the movie indicated as much, of course, but the members of the audience that take it upon themselves to sit through the credits get to actually see that everything is, indeed, back as it should be.

Zorba returns to the serene life of a fisherman, and the German colonel, after his unexpected survival and rescue, returns to the serene life of bombarding random vessels straying into the range of the Guns of Toblerone. He was in retirement for a while, but after all those years of service, he simply didn’t know what to do with himself without a real task. So he re-enlisted for another tour of duty. But not without preconditions! If he has to pointlessly carry on fighting a war that has long been over, he at least deserves the proper tools for it, doesn’t he? He was not willing to return to his post without a guarantee that he’ll be given an actual metal gun, this time around. Not that there is anything wrong with Toblerone, but it was high time for a change.

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