Hidden in the fine print – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 12

Well done, Snuka. You’re an ace tracker, and don’t let anybody tell you different! That thing with the giant footprint you just overlooked? Doesn’t disprove it at all, since that footprint absolutely doesn’t look like it was left by an ace. More like some sort of giant monster or something. If any aces had been going down that way, I’m sure you’d have been able to track them without fail! And while that giant monster might surprise you around the very next corner, your ace tracking skills can at least guarantee that it is not going to be accompanied by Manfred von Richthofen, Rene Fonck, Portgas D. Ace or members of a minor league baseball team from Reno – you’d never have missed tracks left by any of those guys.

And it’s only fitting that Snuka’s new incarnation is an ace tracker – after all, his opposite incarnation was a guy that had aces tracked to him. Tracked back to his sleeves, I mean.

As for the actor playing Snuka, this would actually be the second occasion he’s shooting a scene inside a giant footprint, since he also played Mowgli in chapter 5.

I’m sorry about that “50 Shades of Mopey” thing, but come on, how vanilla would you imagine a relationship between a goth girl and a zombie guy to be?

More on Thursday!

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