I know that feeling – Chapter 8 Epilogue, Strip 20

As you can see, Latho’s further and hypothetical adventures have taken him to a galaxy far, far away. And I guess they deserve each other, Latho and that galaxy.

Beginning the descent calls for some extra props and loud pronouncements, it’s really just an old tradition to stress the importance of the moment and the potential dangers involved. Had the production been ultra-cheap, it would have had to make do with a normal seat belt and a motorcycle helmet, I took the liberty to assume they’d have invested marginally more funds than that, but not enough for a full-body space suit.

As for Latho’s transformation…well, his transformation technology is based on the Time Lords’ chameleon circuit, and we all know how erratic that can be in its operation, if it works at all. =P There is a certain logic to Latho’s new appearance, though…since BB-8 is, essentially, an example of plush toy aesthetics translated to hard surfaces. Since plush toy aesthetics have worked well for Latho in the past, there’s actually a tiny bit of sense that he would appear like this in his strange new world. And a tiny bit of sense is already way below par for a BMC omake… >_>

More on Thursday.

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