I play it really quiet, too. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 68

And still somewhere else, the fight between the mecha-kaiju and its biological template, climactic and inevitable, hits its stride.

Its stride, of course, ultimately only being a re-run of that test-run against some tanks the mecha-kaiju took part in earlier. I’m afraid that’s simply the logic of these things. Let’s take note of the fact that the mecha-kaiju’s weapons are just as effektive against the bio-kaiju as they had been against that stock footage of tanks.

The mecha-kaiju’s pilot does his best to set the right mood for the fight with his introductory remark, but does fall just a tiny bit short of the full effect. I think he needs to study Stallone and Schwarzenegger a bit more to figure out how to make that sort of thing really stick. In his defense, his music suggestion fits the location – he’s standing in the middle of the road, after all. ._.

Biff and Lt. Dapi, in the meantime, base their current act less on Stallone and Schwarzenegger and more on Waldorf and Statler*, and provide commentary from the sidelines. They do enjoy the show, though, so it would be Waldorf and Statler when watching a guest star’s act, and not Fozzie’s.

In Lt. Dapi’s case I’m not sure if he’s still a bit confused on the concept of depth perception, or if he just thinks you don’t get the full effect without the bichromatic glasses. Anyway, we won’t be seeing him wearing those glasses the next time…because 3D is just a passing fad. =P

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*That difference no longer being as drastic as it once was, though.

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