Junior senior officer – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 69

With the climax drawing near, it is high time for Admiral Watanabe, the villain to finally step out of the shadows.

From where he was only watching events, up to now, because that befits a scheming-mastermind type villain…and also in order not to miss his cue. But the cue is kinda hard to miss, at this point, with three separate climactic fights going on at the same time. Waiting for a fourth, just to be sure, would seem overly cautious on his part.

And while he’s at it, the good admiral doesn’t reveal his face only once, no, he shows it off twice: one time as it is today, and one time, via a framed picture, what it looked like a couple of years ago, when he was older. Is this just your basic continuity fault, or is there some deeper meaning? Time will tell.

Aside from a framed picture of himself, the admiral doesn’t have much in his office that’s really revealing – the bust of Napoleon is really a given for a megalomanic villain with a military background. >_>

More on Thursday.

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