If the Moon Hits Your Eyes… – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 10

…that’s amore! Oh, wait…no, actually it isn’t. Not if it hits your eyes (and the rest of you) physically.

After having ripped off all of the classic and time-honored portents of doom for this sequence, the script writer felt he should mix it up by ripping off one from the digital age.

Among which this one is already a classic in its own right, of course. But I think it deserves a shout-out, specifically because it managed to break new ground in the field of evil portents – a field over which so many writers and creators have already ploughed for several millennia. And I think it’s singularly effective in its role…an ever-present, leering, evil face on a moon coming closer and closer is far better at creating a sense of impending doom than any amount of eagles flying the wrong direction or sacrificial goats having splotches of discoloration on their livers. >_>

You can’t help feeling for the werewolves, though, or anyone else who has an obsession with the moon. Werewolves suffer from some amount of suicidal ideation at the best of times (as depicted by Lon Chaney, jr. et al.), so I’m really worried about how this sort of change is going to affect them. At best they’re all in hiding. Which would deprive the forces of evil of some strong battalions, but since they’ve got more than enough orcs…and more than half of them are metal, thanks to George Geekish, that’ll not slow the march of evil down appreciably.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

2 Replies to “If the Moon Hits Your Eyes… – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 10”

  1. As I recall, the condition stated in the song was that the moon has to hit your eye like a big pizza pie. Pizza pies being both disc-shaped and soft while the actual moon is spherical and hard (albeit dusty); Dean Martin managed to avoid damning us all whether intentionally or by lack of research.

    I think the werewolves are crashing at Dracula’s castle. Seems like the guy has them in his catacombs or wherever and there’s a never ending supply of them. Which is a good thing because vampire hunters seem to go through them like tissue paper while running around the joint.

    1. Although getting a pizza in your face isn’t a cakewalk, either – especially if it’s fresh from the oven. Scalding hot mozzarella could easily cost you your eyesight, under those circumstances. Fortunately, most Italians seem to revere pizza too much to use it for food fights – they generally stick to the tomatoes before they’re processed.

      And, yeah, once Universal started to combine their monsters into joint movies, werewolves seem to have slowly slipped into a subservient status to vampires. I guess it’s the canine element coming through – there’s just some natural inclination to letting themselves get domesticated. XD

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