I’m a poor, lonesome cowboy… – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 59

Oops, seems like Dr. Dutchman Fu isn’t willing to let the heroes ride off…sorry, make that stroll off into the sunset quite that easily.

While it would have been strangely satisfying to let the good (or rather, evil) Dr. be roundly and soundly defeated by nothing but logic and a sense of reality, it would have made for something of an anticlimactic end. I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it, although the temptation was there.

And anyway, it was pretty likely that Dr. Fu would have a plan B, wasn’t it? After all, the Dutch are known to be pretty liberal when it comes to attitudes towards contraceptives and that sort of thing… *checks notes, is still confused*
I mean, he was bound to have a contingency plan, because…the Netherlands is part of a continent…if the lowest part*… or something.

In character, Mopey is right, of course – you can, by definition, not get any closer to the horizon while walking towards it on a plain. In studio, of course, the actress is wrong – since the “sunset” is actually just a painting, there is only a small window of time an actor can spend walking toward it before walking into it. Making small steps helps, but might not convey the correct “heroes triumphant” attitude.

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* Technically, the lowest point in Europe is on the shores of the Caspian Sea, near Atreyu…sorry, make that Atyrau…in Kazahkstan. But the Dutch registered the trademarks “Netherlands” and “Low countries” earlier, so the Kazakhs lose out on the claim in the public’s perception.

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