Plan B, now featuring MORE EXPLOSIVES – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 60

As was to be expected, Dr. Fu’s “Plan B” (or, as a Dutchman should actually call it, his “Calamiteitenplan”) is a lot less complex and subtle than his original plan – and thus, unfortunatley from the perspective of our heroes, a lot more likely too succeed.

Fu might have not been able to perceive the flaws in his Plan A, but he’s got enough common sense to realize that there’s a remedy that can make any plan succeed against any obstacle or hindrance: MORE EXPLOSIVES. The advantage to adding MORE EXPLOSIVES to your plan are obvious: even in the rare cases where adding MORE EXPLOSIVES is not enough to make your floundering plan an outright success, you simply keep adding MORE EXPLOSIVES until nobody is able to tell the difference anymore, from what little is left.

And while Fu should, strictly speaking, not be able to damage time with explosives, he knows that that’s only a matter of amounts. Space and time form a continuum, after all, so with enough explosives he should be able to do so much damage to space that time will start feeling queasy just from watching all the carnage.

To further increase his plan’s chances of success, from certain to uber-certain, he’s also kidnapped G. Lostalot again (had to use the initial, I don’t have the time to type out her ever-growing and changing first name). By now she’s really gotten used to it, but at the same time she’s too much of a pro at it to let that show.

More on Thursday.

* Yeah, they all agreed on that. The Professor and Mopey understood the probabilities, and Biff had the empiric data: he’s never succeeded at any plan that had more than one stage.

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