The one that was pointlessly bataviphobic – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 61

Dr. Dutchman Fu’s contingency plan, as presented in the last strip, raised one question, of course – what’s the point of blasting a huge hole into the space-time-continuum, especially while you’re somewhere in it? What’s the payoff of destruction on a global scale not only at some point in time, but at all?

Well, if nothing else, it’ll help against Dr. Fu’s homesickness. He hadn’t had an opportunity to go back to the Netherlands for so long, he’s really missing the old place. Turning the whole world into a barren wasteland hostile to life and sanity, however, would mean he’d be feeling at home everywhere he goes.

Because, apparently that’s what the Netherlands really looks like: those Hieronymus Bosch paintings depict the region’s true face, and all of those scenic landscape paintings with windmills and tulips are just propaganda. I have that on very good authority – from a guy who once spoke to a French guy who had studied in Ostend for a year.

Wikipedia begs to differ, depicting the place as something much closer to a non-hellish place, but you know…the encylopedia that anyone can edit…

(Of course I could go there and see for myself – but have you seen some of those Bosch paintings? Noooo way I’m risking that!)

More on Monday.

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