It’s the Power of Love! – Chapter 1, Strip 81

And you can be glad that BMC doesn’t feature a sound track, or it would have been Huey Lewis and the News today.

Ah, the power of love – that’s such a beautiful cliché that I just couldn’t pass it up. After all, there are people hooking up in nearly every b-movie, so I simply had to follow suit. On the other hand, I thought it was still to early to have any of the key cast members romantically involved, so I settled for Gwen and Lostey.

And, no matter what everybody else has been telling me, I think they MAKE a cute couple. They might be totally different in nearly any regard, but I think it’ll work out for them – Lady Gwendolynn Broughtup-Snobishly will just have to be a Cricket cheerleader from now on.

The ‘power of love’ is a b-movie staple not least for it’s usefulness as a plot-hole stopper – after all, love is known to make the impossible possible, so you can use it to get out of any corner you have scripted yourself into. (As demonstrated here :P)

Snuka doesn’t think to highly of it, though. He was very reluctant to strap on those wings, and he insisted on the king-size fig leaf. (And I’m not allowed to tell whether it’s oversized or not.) And when he saw the awesome pompom power of the cheerleader pirouette, he decided for himself that, for safety reasons, he would change his college sleepovers package to ‘girl band dorm’ (and buy a Porsche from the price difference).

So, this was the last of the miraculous escapes from the collapsed tomb – the soldiers are really dead. After all, they wore red shirts.

On a more personal note, I’m still without Internet access, so you are (hopefully) enjoying another canned comment from a 3.5” disc. But you can also enjoy a canned voting incentive going up today, in fact the first thing I drew in my new room – part 2 in my series of Episode III themed incentives.

But the power of love isn’t through yet – return on Monday for the last loose end in this storyarc to be picked up. ( By last I mean the last that’s going to be picked up – not the last that is around, it’s the B-movie comic, after all.) And please vote for me, even if I’m not able to check the rankings at the moment 🙁 .

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