Just another manic Monday – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 11

He says it must be Monday and, by Jove! – look at the calendar! It is!

The veil has been torn asunder, fiction and reality are bleeding into each other!

Which, unfortunately, still doesn’t change the fact that it is Monday. >_> “The Planet without Mondays” remains one of my favorite pieces of fiction, but lamentably it’s not bleeding into reality at all.

But I guess being abducted by Ninjas and having a giant gizmo pointed at one’s head makes for a Monday that’s below average even by the lowered standards applicable to that day of the week. And even by Snuka’s standards, which actually already allow for a higher margin of being kidnapped by Ninjas than the average person’s. (Let’s face it, Snuka gets kidnapped so often, he should get frequent flyer miles for it.)

The gizmo, by the way, is aesthetically inspired by the “laser” (<- obligatory airquotes) which Auric Goldfinger used on James Bond in the movie of the same name. Of course that’s not supposed to imply that the Ninjas plan on cutting Snuka in half, starting at the head…for one thing, it’s far too early in the movie to get rid of one of the main characters, and for the other thing, villains are never smart enough to start that sort of thing at the head. If Goldfinger had been doing that, he’d be still alive and enjoying his wealth, and…well, let’s put it this way: at least some of the later James Bond movies that wouldn’t have been made wouldn’t have been a terrible loss. More on Thursday!

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