Lon Chaney III – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 21

And perfectly timed for the conclusion of the first act, an second shocking, unexpected twist!

Not only is the Professor gone, Snuka has been supernaturally transformed…and not into something mundane like a werewolf or the Incredible Hulk, which wouldn’t have been completely at odds with his established character.

Nor did he transform into a fully grown adult, which would have been kind of sudden, but still just a normal effect of puberty (and in which case the faint shadow on his upper lip would have been a fore-shadow).

He also didn’t turn into a Dutch-dressed force spirit, or a female version of himself, both of which he’s been transformed into before…
No! His transformation is even more inexplicabable and bizarre, for he has turned into…

…his complete opposite!


More on Thursday!

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