Results are in. – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 20

Well, so now we have the official result of the confronation: it was a marginal victory for the good guys!

At least according to Mopey’s private scoring…which we will have to accept as authoritative, since she’s the only one actually keeping score.

Without the Professor being kidnapped, it would even have been a decisive victory! And after Snuka belatedly joined the casuality list, the score dropped down to a draw for a moment, but some quick thinking and determined acting by Mopey brought it back up to marginal victory level. Thanks only, of course, to the fact that she counts damage dealt to Biff like damage inflicted on an enemy, which is something of a…uh…non-standard, personal scoring choice of hers. But it’s not a case of cheating…it’s true conviction. Trust me.

Anyway, Mopey’s treading on pretty thin ice, here…her new outfit might have restored a considerable amount of her gothic street cred, but if it ever became public knowledge that she secretly scores her team performance like this, she might face reclassification from “goth” to “nerd”. ._. And boy, would she hate that. It’d remind her of her teenage years.
(And it’s actually worse – secretly, she not only keeps score, she also keeps track of experience values, class/level and other stats for her team.)

In other news, the Professor has been kidnapped, and that’s actually a BFD. Professors are getting kidnapped right and left in the B-movie Comic, of course, but it’s never before been the Professor. The squad leader. The big cheese. Commandante Supremo.

Which is a bit of a problem, you see, because it’s very likely that the only people who could save him are the squad that’s now leaderless. Consisting, as of now, of a mentally under-endowed footballer, a partly resurrected zombie, a medically compromised juvenile delinquent and a goth just recently revealed as a closet nerd. Tough times ahead, I reckon.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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