Onward to Area 51 – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 132

Yeah, that sepia mono-tone really isn’t good for orienting yourself in any kind of environment – sometimes I wonder how the people who were living back then where dealing with that on a daily basis. It must have been odd living in such a de-saturated world. ._.

But as a highly professional amateur ninja, Snuka knows how to deal with that problem as easily as he deals with many others. The ninja outfit comes with a base stock of competency*, and he’s making full use of that.

What he’s not making full use of are his arms…this isn’t exactly an old ninja tradition, but a much more recent trend. >_> Which I will not be publicly critical of…it’s got its advantages, after all. Like making Snuka fall on his face a lot, which is not only a highly entertaining thought but also provides an appropriate level of punishment to make up for the undeserved coolness he got with the ninja outfit.

We don’t want Snuka to grow a big head, after all…or, well, given his normal proportions, an even bigger head. Which could be something of a self-correcting problem, though…since a bigger head would unbalance him and make him fall on his face even more frequently.

Anyway, Snuka’s making his way to the Crystal Palace quickly and painfully, and I think that’s all we could have asked for.

More on Thursday.

* as outlined in the Treaty on the Maintenance of Basic Coolness for Fictional Ninjas that is binding on all creators of fiction. It might seem overly legalistic, but it’s the only way of preventing a steady erosion of standards of coolness in any defined group of fictional characters. The degrading effect of humor, you know…

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