Longship is long. – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 4

Believe it or not, despite Stan’s stinginess, the ship really has a parasite fighter, just as Captain Valiant concluded. Of course Stan’s generosity still has its limits…tight limits, actually…so you couldn’t really expect it to be anything more recent than the eighties.

Anyway, Biff blasts off, his mind (such as there is) trying desperately to remember more about that day they showed him the helicopter at the ROTC. Something about cyclic and collective? He’s got a terribly sinking feeling…a combination of imminent catastrophe and a belated realization that he should have paid better attention in class. In short, the same feeling he has ahead of every test. I guess he’ll just have to do what he usually does: try his best and hope that the coach will bail out his ass.

More on Monday.

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