Look, it WAS a Stockades & Skeletons Ride! – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 7

It’s probably not worth recounting the details of the moral panic that surrounded Dungeons & Dragons in the early eighties. For one thing because many people still vividly remember those details, and for the other thing because the whole thing was downright silly to begin with. Suffice to say, it was completely unwarranted, as these panics tend to be.

Concerning our setting, it’s probably safe to assume that Stockades & Skeletons was surrounded by a similar panic, and that the Professor and his friends had felt, up to now, that it was similarly unwarranted. Their current experiences, however, have caused them to reconsider, and right now they feel any sort of panic, including a moral one, is thoroughly justified in connection with the Stockades & Skeletons ride.

I mean, even ignoring the flamethrower, there’s the fact that the retention devices on that car weren’t up to standard to begin with. And now they’ve fully disintegrated, in addition to the fact that there isn’t even a car anymore they could be fixed to. And the car had gone completely of the rails, even before it disintegrated…and before the rails disintegrated. In short, anything that’s capable of meridional movement has indeed gone south. >_> <_< I might not be the strictest of safety inspectors, but with that number of defects, I could not possibly sign the safety certificate for this ride...*cough*for anything less than $ 50*cough*.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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