Mad Skillz! – Chapter 7, Prologue 22

And so the level-grinding begins…all it takes is just a little bit* of perseverance. After missing a handful of elderly kobolds until they died of natural causes, the powers that be deem K’ip worthy of scaling the first rung on his advancement ladder. He’s now officially on an advanced level, and can start looking down on those lvl. 1 n00bs, if he happens to run into any.

Aside from any bonuses to his stats, he even gets to pick up new skill levels on his skill tree! He didn’t even know he HAD a skill tree, but there it was all along – it just lay dormant throughout all the years he wasted being a NPC, before he got his quest and became an official adventurer ™. Admittedly, his ‘civilian’ skillset was somewhat limited, anyway: two levels in hunting and 19 levels in napping.

But now he gets a first glimpse of the massive amount of adventuring-related skills he can learn, many of which are bound to be totally awesome and massively helpful in his quest…uh…once he manages to advance out of the starting corner of the grid, which naturally only offers non-awesome, non-helpful skills. >_> Though luck, but that’s how starting corners work.

Being offered a choice between chicken sexing and macramé, he naturally chose the latter. He’s aware that his green outfit came with a built-in weakness to chicken-type creatures, so he has to try and avoid getting near any of them.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* Frame of reference: Cosmic.

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  1. Quick questions.

    When the move is completed, will RSS be available?


    Am I the only guy using RSS nowadays?

    1. It seems we’ve already got an RSS-Feed, thanks to WordPress, and it’s at

      And, no, apparently RSS is still pretty common – apart from also being the acronym of a right-wing political movement in India (thanks, Google, that was not the RSS I meant…)…

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