Mass Movement – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 30

Well, so much for extreme violence.

That was definitely not quite the kind of stress-reliever Mopey had been looking forward to. Seems she didn’t plan for one contingency: the possibility that, by mere chance, their opponent also might be a an avid fan and practitioner of extreme violence. For in that case, as is amply demonstrated here, their opponent automatically has the advantage – because extreme violence is based on the rampant misapplication of energy, and e=mc², so their opponent’s advantage in body mass gives him a clear edge. Even when attacking all three team members at once…since he still weighs considerably more, even in terms of combined weight. ._.

In addition to the weight advantage, the baddie also has the edge on speed – as Latho points out correctly, Mopey and Co. hadn’t considered that their opponent could operate on Marvel Universe physics, under the rules of which excessive bulk increases agility, rather than decreasing it. The reason for which is that it’s surprising and kind of cool – it’s not like the Marvel writers aren’t aware of the physical problems that would be involved in something like that in real life.

Latho, of course, had considered the possibility – but how much good does that do as long as nobody listens to it? And it seems Latho hasn’t yet become as jaded about getting ignored as it seemed, now that the consequences really bite. It even sinks to the level of suspecting Mopey and her team of sizeism…or roseaism…or even sizoroseaism, as bias against small, pink things is correctly referred to. But I doubt that that’s really at the root of the problem, although Mopey has actually demonstrated a certain amount of anti-pink bias before – but that just comes with the gothic territory, and is proper if restricted to pink clothing, instead of pink sentient creatures.

Biff, in the meantime, proceeds as he had planned. It’s not very effective…but it doesn’t produce the same amount of blowback as the other approach, either. So, in a way, his method actually works better…meaning he was right again. Dang, that’s really becoming something of a pattern with him.

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Mass Movement – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 30”

  1. Well I’m not entirely suprised that the enemy is a Juggernaut(/Hulk) type.
    Seems Biff was right to choose the low risk approach. I wonder if Marvel rules will apply to Biff too, meaning he could go Beast – eh jock mode by taking off his glasses. But it seems he wants to work on the science side for now.

    1. Hard to say what would happen if Biff took off the glasses – but we might never know, for he’s definitely not going to do that anytime soon. I took my glasses off once, and it was terrible! (Not that I turned into a beast/jock – it was just terrible how little I could see without them. >_>)

  2. “They say fat girls ain’t athletic. Horseshit! Take a turkey leg off her plate, see what happens. She’ll chase you down, sit on you, eat the turkey, shove the bone up your ass… it ain’t pretty!” – Rodney Carrington

    1. Well, in reality you can be fat and athletic at the same time – just look at sumo wrestlers. In the initial rush of a sumo bout, they move not too much slower than professional sprinters. The problem, though, is endurance – they’re winded after 30 seconds, and exhausted after 90 or so (although sumo bouts mostly end sooner than that).

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