Mem-O-Rama – Chap. 6, Act 1, Strip 13

Alright, let’s move on to Snuka’s more interesting, respectively plot-relevant, memories – we can assume that our two ninja friends had to watch hours over hours of trivial memories to get here, but the magic of editing always unfailingly guides the audience to the juicy bits in this sort of situation.

Of course the relevant bits will still be surrounded by some recycled footage for camouflage, but the recent change in panel format around here makes it particularly easy to tell the new material from the old – but it’s not too much worse than is average for B-movies, so I’ve decided to let it stand.

And, speaking of B-movie standards, of course there was only one reason to have two ninja involved in the “interrogation” – so they could talk to each other during the display of Snuka’s memories, thus providing the necessary exposition. Which mostly covers information they were both already privy to from the start, but it can still never hurt to discuss it over again, now can it?

Of course ninja are supposed to be silent, as well as invisible, so what you read here is not actually what you would hear if you were there in person – it’s actually translated from a complex code of inconspicuous background sounds which the two ninja imitate to communicate. So, if you were there in person, you wouldn’t hear any human voices at all, just background sounds!

You would possibly wonder, though, how you could hear nightingales, bees, rustling grass, mumbling streams, yelping dogs and clattering carriages in a room where there’s no trace of any of those things.

More on Thursday!

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