Missed it by a letter – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 15

Yeah, one of the under-reported tragedies of the Boer War happened when the Boers made a typo on an order form, and got landmimes instead of landmines. For one thing, they didn’t have nearly the same impact on trains that ran over them.

And the other part of the tragedy became obvious only later. Many of the landmimes escaped and started to breed in the wild, often displacing indigenous species in the process. Their descendants are still numerous in many South African cities. Some have even started to perform on cruise ships, turning into seamimes in the process.

Mopey seems to have good chances of taking one out, though, and since it happens in the past that might make several dozen of descendant mimes disappear…if it happens at the right point in a performance, it might actually come over as an impressive magic trick.

I guess the take-away lesson is this: There are mimes in South Africa. So if you ever go there…be careful, okay?

More on Monday.

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