Uncertain language – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 16

Hmm, the App says the mime incident could not really have happened, the bloody hat says it did – let’s split the difference and blame it on Heisenberg’s uncertainty: the mime is both alive and dead at the same time depending on whether you look at the speed or the location. Applied to this practical situation, I think that would mean the speed at which he was run over (28 mph) or the location of the body…parts (pretty much all over). If you look just at the speed, you might think he had a reasonable chance to evade at the last moment, if you look at the separate location of his various body parts you might feel he’s better off dead. And it’s like that, just both at the same time. ._. I’ll never get that quantum physics stuff, frankly.

And, yeah, Mopey has a collection of mime hats, most of them torn and/or bloodied. You see, the thing is…Mopey knows that there are some people out there who might be critical of her lifestyle, mostly the homicidal parts. She might one day be in a situation where she’s required to show good cause why she shouldn’t be made to mend her ways…and a collection of bloodied mime hats is just an utterly excellent way to prove that your activities are a boon to society, isn’t it? She’s also got other collections of bloodied hats, sorted by profession, in case she has to prove her usefulness under different scales, but the mime’s hats are kind of her “coverall” – unless the people approaching her with accusations are wearing whiteface, they should be easily swayed by that particular facet of her work.

More on Thursday.

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