Mountain Rooooooad, take me hooooome… – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 14

Yeah, it is quite unfortunate. I was on such a good track managing to distill the Professmagicirarian’s physical journey up the Tower of High Magic and his academic journey inside of it down to only two panels. And now this has to happen. Another mountain that is an unknown, but high, number of times, times three, higher than Silhouette Mountain. And populated by more cameos than you can shake a stick at, or which can shake a stick at you.

But, for reasons that will become obvious, in this case I can’t avoid laying out all of these encounters in greater detail. Unlike the Professmagicirarian, I’d prefer to think of it not as excruciating…but it’s going to take some time. And space.

Speaking of space, let me create a little bit of space before I continue…


Yeah, I don’t observe April’s Fool Day all that often around here, but occasionally I do (only occasionally to maintain an element of surprise)…and since the date just happened to coincide with an update day, the temptation was particularly great today. And for the second time already, I’m using the specter of a new, higher and longer, version of Silhouette Mountain as the punchline, on the assumption that it’s the worst this comic has to offer (and that’s saying something) and thus the thing most likely to cause temporary shock and dismay. Plus, there was another reason to fall back on Silhouette Mountain for this little gag, but more about that on Thursday.

To pull it off, the Professor had to carry around the idiot ball for a while – since, really, reading magical spells out loud when you don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing is a really, really stupid habit. And not expecting to get pulled into the book, respectively the world inside the book was also a bit naive – he is, at least on the outside, at exactly the kind of age where that sort of things happens most commonly to fictional characters. And the setting being a magical library just makes it more likely. Although, I guess, it’s a bit odd to getting sucked into some fantasy realm and then finding a book there that sucks you right into some other fantasy realm…

Anyway, in summary: no trip up a Silhouette Mountain-like mountain, this was just a joke – the story continues as normal on Thursday.

P.S.: And stay vigilant of other stupid shit today…

4 Replies to “Mountain Rooooooad, take me hooooome… – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 14”

  1. I have to admit, I honestly fell for it. The mountains have been done so many times that I expected it would be this chapter’s obligatory scaling!

    Good one. (Laios spotted! Good pick.)

    1. Wow, I didn’t really expect anybody to recognize Laios at that size on the screen! Highly impressive.

      Since it was supposed to be a random (and ultimately pointless in more than one sense) cameo, I didn’t mind that he would be too small to recognize…so for somebody to actually do that is quite the surprise.

      But, yeah, he actually would have been a good pick for this kind of mountainside cameo, if it had come to that. And since he ultimately would have lost, we wouldn’t even have needed to worry about him eating the Professor… XD

  2. Hold on. Is the whole chapter going to be flashbacks about Professorian? Or at least flashbacks? Or at least about Professorian?

    1. No, that’s really only here, in the prologue. I can’t guarantee that there will be absolutely no such flashbacks later on, but they definitely won’t be the lion’s share of the strips. XD

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