Shifting Secrets – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 15

On Monday I wrote that there was another reason for why I went with the Silhouette Mountain thing for my April’s Fool’s strip, and now I can reveal it: I had to go with Silhouette Mountain since I couldn’t just come up with some random and bizarre scenario…since, as is now obvious, the canonical version of events is already so bizarre and random that it would have been very hard to come up with anything that would be measurably more bizarre and random. I’m sorry for that.

In my defense, if you consider it one, I never really planned to have the plot make any kind of sense at this juncture. For reason that I cannot get into right now, but which should become obvious a while later, this is the kind of thing that a B-movie would never bother to try and justify, however weakly.

And that gave me the idea to keep it incoherent, but justify it by simulating some kind of plot-rewrite. That does happen a lot, even in A-movies…and with B-movies, it often only takes the producer or the director to randomly pick up some hottest-shit buzzwords somewhere, and suddenly the plot has a completely different set of themes while shooting is already underway. Don’t worry, though, there really won’t be any quantum computing, generative AI or drone warfare in this chapter – these just happened to be the trendigenstest trends on the day I wrote this strip.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the fundamentals: the Professor(++) has contacted the rest of his former team in order to…transmit the secret of youth! (doom-doom-doom-doooooom!)

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Shifting Secrets – Chapter 9, Prologue, Strip 15”

  1. “Updating for modern audiences” they call that; taking a preexisting property that’s endured for generations and replacing it with a commonplace object from the current zeitgeist that will be gone in two years. Forget about competent storytelling and jangle shiny keys… gimme the old stuff back!

    1. Well, competent storytelling was never really the domain of B-movies to begin with. XD And I think there tendency to base themselves on the newest buzzwords isn’t even about updating for modern audiences…it’s about saving marketing money by trying to work trending hashtags – so it’s even more short-term than 2 years, actually. XD

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