Ms. famous female Ninja – Chap. 5, Act 3, Strip 31

Oh well, he did give her a more than fair chance. Too bad she couldn’t be more reasonable, but had to be headstrong to the end. Perhaps I should have picked somebody different, but I just can’t do a Silhouette Mountain sequence without including at least one pointless cameo (and the other one wasn’t pointless, but more on that later…)

And the Professor’s offer was really great, too. He’s got experience, he knew well enough how it all would go down – and he was willing to cut out the whole middle part and jump right to the end: the part where Ms. famous female Ninja would have gotten out of the hospital after recovering (unnaturally quickly) from the injuries sustained in her fall from a mountain an unspecified number of times as tall as Silhouette Mountain. The she could have sworn eternal vengeance at her leisure and started scouring the length and breadth of Japan for her new nemesis, the Professor – of course without ever finding him, since he’d long since returned to the present by then. Now the hospital will have to treat her for *counts* 35 bullet wounds instead – and at that date they had hardly any experience with that.

At least the Professor has learned his lesson regarding censorship – in the first panel he points the gun off-screen and the massacre in the last panel is also taking place off-screen. So he’s completely in the green. You can’t point guns at minors on-screen, but being strongly implied to have emptied five magazines into a minor off-screen? Perfectly acceptable. After all, it’s not like she could die from it, anyway – as the Professor said, at worst she’ll go to the Shadow Realm, or back to her own dimension, or straight to HFIL.

More on Thursday.

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