National Rifle arsesociation – Chapter 1, Strip 46

As our heroes prepare for the tasks ahead, they are delayed by a minor gun control dispute. Not as dry as it sounds, though.

Totally uncluttered artwork today, just as promised.

I have scant knowledge of shotguns, and no idea wether something like a 12- gauge shotgun even exists, or what its special characteristics are supposed to be, but it sounds similiar to something I faintly remember hearing. And I couldn’t be bothered to research it.

Of course, potential harm calls for disclaimers:
Disclaimer: Don’t throw empty cans at human beings. Also, don’t throw empty cans at animals or politicians. Well, perhaps some politicians.
Disclaimer: Don’t shoot somebody’s cap of with a shotgun. Use a precision weapon with little spread.
Disclaimer: Don’t insert loaded fire weapons into any of your body’s orificies. It isn’t as enjoyable as you would suppose it to be.

If you are interested in such discussions, the gun control dispute between Snuka and Biff involved two divergent positions:
-Biff claimed everyone had a constitutionally protected right to bear arms.
-Snuka agreed, but pointed out that it wasn’t specified WHERE to bear arms, claiming it was no ifraction on Biff’s constitutionally protected right if he was forced to bear his firearm up his … a certain part of his body. (Paraphrased from Chinese swearing)

Don’t worry, I’m sure the Professor will be able to help Biff, as a scientist, he is used to serve posterity, after all.

If you want to make use of your constitutionally protected right to vote, feel free to use my vote buttons. On Thursday, we will see wether Biff has learned his lesson.

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