Whipping boy – Chapter 1, Strip 47

If you thought Biff would let up on preparations, you seriously underestimated Henry Boffenheimer Jr. (better known as spot.)

Seems Biff DIDN’T learn his lesson from last episode thoroughly. But who had really expected that ?

Of course, Biff’s completely misguided conviction that the bullwhip is a typical part of an archeologist’s equipment is based on a certain movie character. ( Actually, all of Biff’s ideas on archeology are based on that character.) Originally, George Lucas wanted Indy to have more realistic archeological equipment, but he couldn’t think of any way to disarm a company of Nazis with a small shovel and a brush.

Biff’s text in Panel 2 is also an allusion to something from Indiana Jones and the last Crusade, naturally, and to the fact that Henry is a short form of Biff. ( in crazytalk.)

Snuka, on the other hand, is more fond of McGyver, that’s why he tends to try to solve problems with tape. But then, so do I, and I work in aircraft maintenance. I remember the time when we got this one 747 in, and we taped the tailfin…just joking.

And Biff is REALLY systematically removing Snuka’s clothes, because on Monday, we will be having a crossover with Shonen- ai Kudasai.
Just joking. Although, if I think about it…

Please vote for me, it helps me cover my cast’s destroyed wardrobe bills. On Monday, our heroes really get going. With a fully clothed Snuka, don’t worry.

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